Bumping into you part 2

She had spoken a maximum of twelve words since she known him, only ever really smiling at him or waving as they both made their way to or from work, she would be kidding herself if she said that she didn’t rush back from work, or take that little extra care with her hair, just in case they bumped into each other.

“Sorry” she stammered, why did she stammer? She never ever did that with anyone else. A whole list of words went through her mind.

He smiled at her, revealing perfectly white teeth and a single dimple on his left side that made his already handsome face more beautiful, “It’s okay” he was gone before she could form a coherent thought in her mind.

“Damn” one day she would talk to him, obviously it wasn’t today but one day she would, he wasn’t technically her neighbour in fact she didn’t know him, he was stranger, a perfect stranger. They had been bumping into each other for a few months now, so he must at least live near, either that or he was visiting his girlfriend, now that was a depressing thought. Andrea made her way into her ridiculously tiny flat, if there was any less space in here it would be advertised as a cage. She had seen some garages that where larger.



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