Bumping into you

“I really can’t stand interviews, they are the worse kind of torture, because you sign up for it like some masochist, honestly I really don’t know where my life is going, I’d be more worried than I actually am, except I’m too tired. Thanks for listening Lele I’m going underground call you when I get in.” Andi ranted to her best friend as she made her way back from work.

She worked at a very small firm, she was the secretary, maid, mother and general punching bag for the two almost lawyers that she worked for, a couple of meat heads if she was honest, who fancied themselves high flying lawyers because a few years ago they had won a high profile case, their one and only high profile, that they had sunk into mediocrity and only handled what could only be described as civil cases, didn’t seem to faze them, nor motivate them to seek better cases, they were stuck and so was she. She huffed in annoyance at her dismal life, as she fished about in her bag for her keys, why was it that throughout the entire day she would see her keys but only when –

“Excuse me” a deep smooth voice that really shouldn’t be so familiar and comforting to her said.

She felt her cheeks warm as she stepped back and looked up, way up into the beautiful hazel eyes of her favourite neighbour.


2 comments on “Bumping into you

  1. perrycson says:

    It seem there’s more for these series right.

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