Are you the one they call hate?
The one that vilifies and ruins all things great?
Are you the one that causes things to decay?
The one that clouds a bright burning day?
Are you the one that waits and watches?
The one that festers and boils passions that stay?
Are you the one they call hate?
The one that wishes it was love but now it’s too late?


6 comments on “Hate?

  1. perrycson says:

    Why hate

  2. Obengbia says:

    Well as requested by you, I have written not a love poem but a hate poem.

  3. perrycson says:

    Thank you! But that wasn’t what I meant with my msg ‘ there is sumtin dat no one wish to talk aabt’ hate

  4. perrycson says:

    I have something from my diary:
    The human being with great passion, fearless, impassive… what do you think it have forsaken you; is it the world, life, love, people or … Well said but have Thou forgotten this ” what is the only thing parents can’t give?” it sad when always want to be in control without showing emotions even though is a good therapy. when hate sets up it remains forever. Hating one’s self doesn’t makes you overcome the pains, Rather let it go!
    By: I am always thinking.

    • Obengbia says:

      That was interesting, food for thought, hating oneself is a very powerful subject, I have toyed with it, as you well know, in the past. I would like to know your own thoughts on what you wrote. It seems like your trying to cover childhood, parents love and inner reflection all in one paragraph from what I can tell. But you certainly end it on a positive note, which I hope means you have gotten over your own self-loathing.

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