Short Story: Angel’s at the o2 part three


“I remember the last time I watched a horror movie. I got prayer duty for two years! Two years! Can you imagine!” she said incredulous.

“That’s nothing, Gabriel got hell duty for a century for sleeping with a married female”

They both started laughing, an appealing sound that made Aria start laughing along with them, she suddenly felt like dancing or maybe singing it was strange.

“Prayer duty?” Aria asked, when she had finally stopped laughing with the angels, a few onlookers had wandered closer and were grinning broadly, not realizing that there were two Angels just waltzing around discussing how to defy God by watching a horror movie.

“Oh, well what a typical human” Dorian said dramatically “You think God has time to listen to all of you whiny humans – I want…I need…blah blah blah, you humans are always asking for something”

“Yeah, there like ‘if you get me out of this situation I promise I will…’ and you know they won’t, you humans think the world is just earth, the universe is huge. God has loads of children to look after, God can’t listen too individuals all the time” They both start laughing again.

Aria stared at them transfixed – they where so frighteningly beautiful that she couldn’t seem to look directly at them, they exuded a strange aurora of power and she didn’t know what all she knew was that she hadn’t felt this happy or confident ever.

“Hell duty?” Aria said laughing again, the few onlookers had become many, people were just standing around laughing along at what the angels said.

“You don’t want to get that!” Cassandra said emphatically

“I thought Satan was banished to hell forever for defying God” Aria said confused.

“Satan? O you mean Luci? Angel Lucifer to you of course, he is back in Heaven of course, don’t you humans learn anything we try and discretely teach you?” Cassandra said.

“Forgive and Forget” The angels said in unison

“God forgave him?” Aria said bewildered

“Arrogant as ever” Dorian said

“He was forgiven?” Aria repeated stunned, the other onlookers began to murmurer in amazement.

“O come on it’s been like millennia, of course God forgave Luci, and he is an Angel. What kinda of God would keep a grudge for that long?” Dorian said indignantly

“So who’s in hell…is…” Aria began slowly

“Er, I think it’s Norgaglan” Dorian said

“O yeah the ceptlian, but she kinda deserved that, going to Kandor for revenge, if you ask me she got off lightly. Only four centuries”



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