Short Story: Angel’s as the O2 part 2

She looks over and sees a man and a woman of about her age locked in an intense discussion – although this sort of random behaviour is the norm for the O2, her curiosity is sparked. She gets up and walks closer to them on the pretence of checking out a book – they are both extremely good looking, they are both wearing exactly the same thing; dark blue jeans and creme coloured shirts, which seem to be somehow sparkling.


“I want to watch the film” The female says to the man

“Well I don’t” He says firmly

“Excuse me” The woman says turning to Aria

Aria looks around startled.

“Who me?” Aria says hesitantly

“Yes, yes” They both beckon to her eagerly

She feels a strange attraction to them, she moves towards them in an almost trance-like state.

“I knew it! We can trust her” The man says to the woman, merrily. “I’m Angel Dorian, she’s Angel Cassandra”

Aria looks at them slightly perplexed; ‘He said the word Angel as though they where titles’.

“What is the latest non-violent human movie on right now? She” he gestured to Cassandra “wants to watch the latest slasher movie, but where not allowed – the all-knowing would kill us”

Aria wondered briefly why they where asking her opinion and why it was they weren’t allowed to watch it, but she just put it down to general O2 madness.

“Human movie?” She said hesitantly

“Were not human –” he said impatiently

“–Obviously” Cassandra finished eagerly

Aria eyes widened a little.

“Where angels” Dorian said in exasperation.

Aria didn’t feel scared, for some strange reason she trusted them and the idea that they were angels felt completely normal to them, she could feel herself nodding.

“So that’s? Why can’t you watch horrors?” Aria asked weakly, it seemed a lot to take in, she could feel a few people staring over at the angels, some people had just stopped what they were doing and were staring opened mouthed at the angels.

“God won’t allow us, it’s too violent” He said

Cassandra laughed, and Aria saw a few passers-by stop and gape at her mesmerized.


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