Short Story: Angel’s at the o2

She walks into the O2 centre with a smile ready at her lips, eyes bright and heart steady. She gazes up as she enters – up the escalators where the cinema complex is, she remembers all the good times she has had up there. People are coming in and out or there roaming around; but they aren’t in a hurry, everyone’s relaxed, there’s no reason to hurry to stress, everyone is easy going.

She makes her way up the escalators, she looks down into Nandos as she ascends; its full, no surprise there – people are chatting merrily as whiles they consume chicken and enjoy the warm atmosphere which has a hum to it like an organism everything breathing  in unison. She walks into the cinema complex and sees her two favorite men: Ben and Jerry.

She scoops the ice-cream into her mouth and remembers her and her brother watching three films in a row. A laugh escapes her lips as she remembers how scared she had been – when she had to sneak into the last film because her sister had misplaced her ticket.

As she makes her way down the escalators she looks up, an ‘odd habit’ her sister had once called it, she always looks up when she is going down and she always looks down when she is going up, she catches sight of Pizzeria and smiles as she remembers the heavenly pastas that they serve. A rich and thick aroma reaches her; a mixture of hot chocolate and cookies.

After leaving Starbucks with her preferred sweet tooth, she makes her way into her favorite place after the cinema complex: Waterstones. She sits down in her favorite squashy coach; it offers an amazing view of the centre. Waterstones had the most appealing scent: the smell of brand new books and the smell of cookies wafting in from apostrophe which was opposite waterstones. She breathes in deep and strong – she could stay there forever, a feeling of contentment washes over her, she could die right her and be happy.


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