Short story: The Tate Therapy part 4

I stooped at the entrance, unable to move – I was frozen – paralysed, a box? I mean, a box, the idea alone terrified me, let alone actually going inside. Standing in front of the entrance, the fear in me intensified.

I pause for the first timeI knew what Angelina would be thinking – it would be impossible to go into an exhibition of a box. Considering my history, that’s what my father had always locked me in, a box, as punishment. I close my eyes then carry on.

I began to shake slightly, my friend Megan was already partly inside her head slightly tilted looking thoughtful as she appraised the empty space before her, and she suddenly looked back and beckoned for me to come in. To be honest, I wanted to shake my head, scream, run away, anything that involved not going into that Box, but my feet where glued to the floor, they refused to move and I just couldn’t look away. After a few minutes unable to move, I took a tentative step in, I wanted to walk briskly across, but the thought of what it was, what it meant, made me really slow, every step required a strenuous effort –


“Hold on Lil” Angelina said interrupting me, “You actually went in?” she said in utter disbelief. I chuckle softly, and nod. She seemed to be struggling to say something, I stare at her, amazed, she always knows what to say.

“How? I mean, I… no, er, go on” She finally said. I smile then began again where I had left off.


“Are you okay?” A concerned deep voice asked, behind me.

I unwillingly turned my eyes away from the entrance of The Box and looked at the stranger. I recognised him immediately; Adrian, he’s in the same form as me at Uni. He was staring at me with an intensity that was not only unnerving but that would have usually sent me fleeing in the opposite direction. I smiled at him. I still marvel at my own behaviour, anyone would think I was normal.

“It’s something” I said gesturing to the Box. He smiled and nodded.

“Yeah, something weird and quite freighting about an enormous box, it’s pure genius,”

I laughed. “It is genius, but it’s so dark” I admitted, taking another step in.


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