Short story: The Tate Therapy part 2

When Angelina had successfully calmed me down, she asked:

“Did you do the exercise I asked you to do? Did you go out to a place where there are loads of people?”

I always loved that about Angelina, she didn’t linger on a single subject for too long.

“I went to the Tate” I said, feeling a little proud of myself.

Angelina’s eyes nearly pop out.

“You did?” the slight disbelieve and surprise in her reaction didn’t offend me in the slightest, it’s understandable.

“How was it?” She asks her voice calm and controlled again. I smile, and then began telling her about my trip to the gallery.


“I met my, friend Megan at the Tate; she was very keen to see a piece of art work by Miroslaw Balka, to inspire her for one of her projects. I didn’t know what it was, but when we got there, she started talking about what, she was so excited about.

‘It’s like a huge box; it’s about 3 stories high and about a quarter of a mile deep.

And it’s completely dark inside, ‘void of all light’, that’s what the leaflet says, you’ll see when we enter, it’s in the Turbine Hall’ Megan said her face animated.

I stopped; ‘I can’t…I just can’t’ I told her.

‘O, sorry Lil, erm, I forgot that, er, we can go right upstairs and look at the art work there, and then maybe, we can see the Box, before we leave’ Megan said softly. I just nodded, I was so unprepared, so scared, I had been avoiding all kind of boxes or square, and to be confronted with an enormous box was just too much. But I would try. Megan kept nodding nodded and said: ‘Let’s start from the top and work our way down’. I agreed.


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