Short story: A Stranger part two


I return the strangers smile hesitantly then glance at my reflection; my hair could do with a comb but everything else looks fine; khaki pants and a brown polar neck. Perhaps he has re-thought the restraining order and likes the attention I am giving him. I haven’t spoken to anyone since I moved here. Maybe I should talk to him, introduce myself; ‘Hello my name is Genevieve, I notice you have a guitar’. I laugh quietly, but the smile slips from my face as the stranger glances back again with fear and confusion in his green eyes. I glance around perplexed, a young girl in a car looks at me with adoring eyes, a man across the street walking a dog frowns at me as his dog barks, he hustles the dog along. I look at the stranger again his pace has slowed, he runs a hand with a single silver ring on his thumb through his neatly styled hair, then pats it into shape. I smile; even through his agitation his hair is still important.



I run a hand through my hair again then pat it down, covering one of my missing eyebrows. I have to stop glancing back, I’m going to be really late, but I can’t resist, the woman is still following me, and it’s definitely a woman, with long brown hair. Maybe… no, I definitely saw a cat, I think; maybe, the cat disappeared down some ally, or went through a cat flap, but then where did the woman come from? O God, I’m losing my mind, the woman must have just come out of her house and the cat is properly under some car. I’m just seeing what I want to see, she is properly not even following me. I should stop and see what happens.


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