Daises, Lilies and Snowdrops part 8


If you’re going to climb over the wall then we have to disconnect the surveillance camera – that overlooks the back garden.


how will we disconnect it – there is only two spare – I need one to watch Dada – to know when he is coming upstairs – the other one is being fixed at the shop


And I’m guessing it won’t be ready in time – hmmm maybe we could –


I know! We have to make sure the camera is turned for a moment – when I climb down

Camera fades to an image of [Snow standing in the bedroom – with a remote control in her hands – she places a small car at the ledge of the window and uses the controls to move it forward nudging the camera along – the camera turns – we see a view from the camera – what it saw and what it is now seeing. Camera zooms out to Snow – she climbs down the garden vine – climbs over the wall and takes up the controls again and moves the camera angel.]


You can use the remote control car


The little one


 Just have to move the camera a few inches to the left for a few minutes


Then move it back

Camera cuts back to Snow’s bedroom – Snow and Lily are back to sitting on the floor –


They will be none the wiser.


Operation Sneak is in effect

Camera Fades out


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