Daises, Lilies and Snowdrops part 5


 Then she goes to bath in there bathroom for about 25 minutes – whiles we creep downstairs to make lunch for our day out and sneak it back up stairs


We only have 10.5 minutes to make the lunch then make it back upstairs

[Snow and Lily finish the sandwiches – hide the meal in the fridge – climb back upstairs – enter the bathroom and Snow alone will start brushing her teeth frantically – hop in the bath – we see an image of the bath curtains – then CUT to the time ticking – cut back to Snow who is trying to dress quickly with the help of Lily. CUT to the door handle being turned – then CUT to Snow and Lil looking frightened – Snow still hasn’t got her jumper on – CUT to Ethan entering the room – Snow stands alone in the bedroom – Ethan comes over and checks the itinerary.]


 And be completely dressed – before Dada comes to double check my itinerary – kiss me on the cheek and a hug – before he goes downstairs for breakfast – whilst mum

CUT to Zetta who sees crumbs on the desk – wipes it away – with a frown on her face – before she starts to put toast in the toaster.


She would have just gotten downstairs – they get downstairs at the same time – She starts making breakfast

CUT back to Ethan [who is downstairs on his way to get the paper from the front garden – he then walks to his office – Spartan office – very minimalistic. We see him open the mail]


Dad gets the newspaper puts in his study – opens the mail.

Cut to[ an image of the time: 8:35 then cut to Snow who makes her way downstairs, to the dining room.]


You are called down at 8:35am promptly

[An image of the family eating breakfast we can see their lips moving but we don’t hear what they are saying – CUT to an image of the time ticking – CUT back to the kitchen table – finished breakfast – then camera follows Zetta as she grabs the plates and makes her way to the kitchen. CUT back to Snow who walks over to a cupboard in the dining room and takes out cat food – she makes her way to the porch and pours some for Mutti. CUT to Ethan who is in his office on the phone.]


We all eat breakfast in the dining room for roughly 17 minutes. Mama washes the dishes – I feed mutti. Dada goes to his study for 2 hours and 4 minutes making his calls etc.

[CUT to Snow who is in her bedroom at her desk – Zetta is sitting next to her – she can be seen teaching her. Snow looks at the time – CLOSE SHOT of the time – ticking by rapidly – camera focuses back on Zetta and Snow – fast forward.]

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