Daises, Lilies and Snowdrops part 4


I’m in! Lily-Ana reporting for duty!

[They laugh]


We leave on Friday that gives us 4 days – let us begin!

Snow picks up a notebook from the desk and gives it to Lily. She goes over to the cupboard and takes out a large A3 sheet of white paper which she lays on the desk. Lily takes out colouring pencils and places them on the desk – they both stand near the desk holding notepads.

FADES OUT – [Laughing can still be heard.]


Camera pans to [A3 paper on desk – drawn map of the house can be seen – image is very skilled and very detailed. Camera pans out to Snow and Lily who are in Military Gear – both girls hold clipboards and long silver pointers – which they will occasionally use to point to the map. As they read out the list – Camera fades to the events they describe.]


Dada wakes up at exactly 7:30 on Friday.

CLOSE-SHOT Image of clock showing the time: 7:30 camera pans out – Ethan can be seen rising – then making his way down the corridor to the toilet.


Half an hour later then usual cause it’s a long day

CUT from toilet down the hall to toilet in the parents on suit.


 He goes straight to the toilet down the hall – instead of the one in the bedroom


 It can get very foul in there so he is banned – rightly so! From using the en-suit toilet in the mornings


He stays in there for approx 15min give or take a minute or two

[Image of Snow holding a stop watch as her father – goes into the toilet – we see her give a thumbs up to Lily – cut to Lily in the bedroom]


 He then makes his way to the bathroom – for about 20 minutes

CUT back to the Father [entering bathroom we see him begin to brush his teeth]

CUT to Zetta [waking up and going into Snows room to wake her up and hand her an itinerary which she has picked up from her own desk.]


 Whiles he is in there, Mama wakes up – she immediately comes to my room via the middle door – to wake me up. That’s when she gives me an itinerary for the day


The same itinerary as last Friday and the Friday before that and the one before that – it doesn’t change!

Zetta leaves Snows room – [she walks back to her own room and enters the bathroom]

CUT back to Snow – [she ushers Lily out of the cupboard. We see the girls creep down stairs with a dancers grace – open the fridge and start preparing sandwiches]


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