Daises, Lilies and Snowdrops part 3


There are tears in her eyes – she is trembling –


She creeps upstairs with a lithe grace – she quickly and quietly closes the door to her room – she drops onto her bed sobbing.



What happened? Can you still go? Did you even ask? Was it something else? Are you okay? Are you? Snow please talk to me!


I…I, I can’t go. They said: I can’t go. That’s what they where talking about – it’s too dangerous. I knew it, Lil,   I just knew – they wouldn’t let me. They never let me do anything!


CLOSE-SHOT – SNOW – tears in her eyes




Calm down, calm – they might hear you!


She casts about – to the door – Camera pans with her to the door then back again.



Who cares! I can’t go anywhere – what’s the point of being good – doing what they say. I only get to go out once – just once a year – they can’t even give me that?! It’s so unfair – I was really looking –


I know you really wanted to go – I wanted to go with you as well – did you I don’t know plea – beg?


No they both agreed – it wouldn’t have done any good – Dada even said I could have chocolate


[Lily nods in understanding – Snow is sitting up looking angry and upset.]



Then you definitely can’t –


There so mean – I wish I could just go! By myself – I know the way


Snow you can’t go all the way to London by yourself – you could get lost – or kidnapped or –


WIDE-SHOT – The Bedroom

[Snow gets up her face is animated – she smiles and starts pacing with purpose around the room]



I could – we could – we could go together! Think about it – I don’t even have to go all the way to London – I just want to be out of this house – I want to go there.


CAMERA PANS follow her direction

[She points out the window – in the distance a glittering can be seen – very brightly.]


Palace Park?


[Snow nods – they both stare at it with awe for a moment]


WIDE-SHOT – Bedroom



I could sneak out – its not that far – I wouldn’t be gone that long – they wouldn’t have to ever know – I could –


No, Snow – listen this doesn’t seem like a good idea – I mean how would you even get out?


With an escape plan!


An escape plan?


Yes! When mama wasn’t looking once – I read about this film online – about this boy about our age who stopped these bad guys from stealing stuff in his house – all by himself! There was only him in the house alone, but he was able to do it with a plan. They are two of us – we know there routine like their back of our hands – this could work! Are you in? It’s a top secret mission only the elite need apply!



[Snow holds out a hand – Lily shakes it]


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