Film Script: Daises, Lilies and Snowdrops

Act 1: Operation Sneak



Wide- shot of a bedroom [Light pink paint on walls – posters of safety regulations on one side of the wall, single bed with pink covers – desk in one corner books are piled in a neat stack – there is a book shelf full of books – we see a book on the desk – Safety for all ages. The cupboard door is open – there is a cat sitting on a young girls lap – we don’t see a face just a shot of a hand stroking. We see that there is another girl running about the room fixing the shelf – the posters on the wall. She is young about 11 years old. She is wearing a uniform; Navy blue blazer, with a white shirt underneath, grey trousers and black shoes.]

CLOSE UP – Snows Face

Snow moves around the room her face is pinched as if she is about to cry.

WIDE SHOT – Bedroom

The voice of Lily who we don’t see the face of speaks very quietly.


Snow would you stop


I have to make sure everything is perfect else –


– it is perfect, it always has been – you’re going to get stressed then sick – then you can’t even go-


Don’t say that – don’t even let it be a thought in your mind! I have to go!

MEDIUM SHOT – Snow goes over to sit next to Lily they both pet the cat

SNOW (continuing)

I just don’t want to give them any reason for them to say no


They have never denied you before


I know but last year they nearly did and it was –


– It wasn’t your fault! You fell and scrapped your knew. Big deal – people fall over all the time – and anyway you’re growing up – they can’t keep you in here forever!


Do you really think so?


Of course! You don’t hear of grown ups living with their parents?


Well no


Exactly – one day you will have a place of your own

[As they talk camera fades to a scene – you see both Lily, whose face is always conviently obscured – and Snow wearing ball gowns in a magnificent 18thcentury style ball room – with many other children of their age dressed the same way dancing. Table full of all the food they describe.]

LILY (continuing)

Where we can throw the most amazing parties everyday and eat cake and chocolate and drink sugar filled drinks like Fanta


Yes! And invite loads of people – we could dance – you could play the piano.

[The image fades – raised voices can be heard – we are back in the bedroom – Close-SHOT – SNOW frightened face, she turns to look at Lily]


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