Short Stories: The Secret life: Book of Love: The End

Penny coughed and suddenly she came awake, her pulse racing as she scrambled away from Life and Love, which was ironic if she really thought about it, she had been running away from life and love ever since…

“Look at me” Life said softly.

Penny looked up; that beautiful voice, it was so compelling she couldn’t do anything but not look at life when life asked her to.

“You are not human, not fully anyway. That is why you feel the way you do,” Life explained slowly.

Penny looked at Love, who nodded slowly.

“Is that why I lost my parents? Because that’s how I feel, I feel as though –”

“As though something is missing, as though you could have done something, that you could be something more, that you could be –”

“More than I am” Penny finished her voice filling with a confidence that surprised her.

“Yes, it is why you can see us, and why you found this place it is also why Love is so compelled by you” Life finished with a smile, glancing over at Love, who gazed at Penny.

Penny smiled slightly and looked away from the intensity of Love’s gaze.

“But you are not of age yet to join us.” Life suddenly warned.

“But I am eighteen” Penny complained glancing over at Love again, for some reason she completely believed them, she felt it deep in her core. Her life suddenly filling with a purpose she had never felt. They were right, she had felt somewhat responsible for what had happened to her parents, in fact she had always felt responsible for anything bad that happened, like she should have done something, or stopped it somehow.

“In human terms you are of age but to us you become of age at twenty one, that is when we shall know what exactly you are,”

Penny’s brow furrowed as questions flooded her, if she wasn’t human then?

“Tell me all when I am ready, Vita” Penny murmured.

“You spoke my true name,” Life said softly. “How do you know?”

Penny shrugged, and glanced at Love again, it was like, now Life had mentioned the connection between them she couldn’t help but keep looking at him, she hoped whatever she turned into wasn’t going to be hate.

“Penny, you must go now or the sleep inducement shall not work” Love said softly, his voice catching a little.

“Sleep inducement?” Penny glanced at Life, who was still staring at her in wonder.

“Yes we must make you forget, you will think of this day as only a dream and then when you finally turn of age and your power comes through, you shall remember” Life said carefully.

“But there is so much, I mean –” Penny floundered.

“I will not forget you” Love said and he pressed surprisingly warm lips to hers, her head spun as he deepened the kiss. ‘So this is love,’ was her last thought as she suddenly grabbed hold of Love’s thick hair pulling him closer to her.


Penny blinked and suddenly she was awake.

She swung her feet of her to-short-bed, her head felt strange, and she was really dizzy as she rose to her feet.

Chores! Must do chores’ she thought trying to gather her bearings.

“You better be up doing breakfast, Penny, I mean it or it’s the pits for you young lady” The Mistress of the orphanage said sharply.

Penny was about to run and do her chores, when she pressed a finger to her lips, they tingled slightly. Had she drank something poisonous? Maybe something with too much spice?

A great smile broke out across her face, as she touched her lips once more.



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  1. Happy National Novel-Writing Month x

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