Short Stories: The Secret Life: Book of Love Part 7

But Love didn’t get a chance to respond, for she heard another sound, two more figures emerged, she guessed they were probably here to protect Love from her, which was within itself crazy, Love was far taller and stronger than she, she didn’t stand a chance. Penny turned to see the two new people, no they certainly weren’t people, when suddenly the clearing grew unnaturally quiet and they all lowered themselves to their knees, as a beautiful woman appeared over the water, she was the most beautiful woman Penny had ever seen, she glowed much like the rest of them, but she was different even if they hadn’t all dropped to their knees Penny would have anyway.

“Life” She heard the others murmur as one.

Life? As in Life itself or self, O geez I’m rambling and I’m in a forest full of emotions

“She is not a human, not fully anyway,” a beautifully rich voice said.

Penny smiled as she looked up, my God she was beautiful, she felt tears in her eyes as life came to stand in front of her.

“Ahh Penelily I remember,” Life placed a hand on Penny’s check and everything went dark.


Everything was very dark, it always took her so long to wake up, but then again the only thing she was looking forward to was cooking and cleaning, as one of the oldest girls at the orphanage she was the only one allowed to use the stove.

She still couldn’t convince her body to rise, she heard voices. ‘O great they’ve come to wake me up!

She would get up, before they beat her up.

“You know better than to touch them, they are so fragile” A soft voice said slowly.

She knew that voice, but from where? No one at the orphanage had such beautifully rich voice, who was he?

“She is not fully human” Another voice said slowly.

Penny struggled to rise, she had to see who that voice belonged to, she had to, if she didn’t…she didn’t know why but if she didn’t see this woman…

“Still, anyway I have things to attend, Love try not to get into altercations” This voice was harsher, but it was still one of the nicest voices she had heard.

“How is it that she can see us?” This was the first voice again, the beautifully rich one that reminded her of…no she couldn’t think about that…

“You need not fear, which reminds me, fear you may leave”

“Why I’m having so much fun, I’ll stay”

Penny felt herself shaking that voice!!!

“No, I need her alert, where is hope and happiness they are always late” The beautiful soft voice said in exasperation or as close to that emotion her beautiful voice allowed.


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