Short Stories: The Secret Life: Book of Love Part 6

“Really?” Anger said taking a step towards her.

“Yes,” Penny said taking a step back, “I just was walking and I well I just stumbled into this place,” was she rambling? And why did she feel a need to defend Love.

Anger glanced at Love and raised an eyebrow. “Still, I don’t appreciate your attitude towards Love, your too angry –”

“Says the guy named Anger” Penny said angrily, dimly in the back of her mind she yelled at herself for being so easily provoked and realised that Angers presence was probably making her this way.

Anger took a menacing step towards her, “Little human, listen –”

“Don’t call me that!” She snapped, she took an involuntary step back suddenly overcome by an irrational feeling of fear; she shivered as her heart began to pound, she glanced at Love, he step towards her and glanced at Anger than glared at – Penny turned around and saw a little girl. Penny felt herself begin to lose consciousness but Love had moved to her side and placed a cool hand on her forehead.

“Fear you will cease” Anger said.

Penny felt herself falling, but Love quickly lifted her up and slowly put her on the soft grass, pulling her closer to him.

Penny looked over at the little girl, she seemed so innocent maybe only five years old, but here was something incredibly sinister about she smiled up at Anger.

“I only came to protect Love”

Penny felt herself shake and her heart rate spike at the little girls’ terrible voice, and she started shaking again, Love tightened his arms around her.

“Fear stop, she is only a human, turn it off” Anger said, tugging one of fears blond ringlets.

Fear smiled revealing perfectly straight teeth, and then rolled her eyes. “Fine” she said pushing past Anger and looking at Penny, who moved closer to Love.

“You cannot harm Love human, I need him, if people do not love, then they will never fear losing their loved ones, nor will they get angry” she gestured to Anger “when these loved ones do them wrong, am I right?” Fear said her high squeaky voice sounding far older than she looked.

Penny shivered, not looking into her creepy blue eyes, which drew another pearly smile from Fear.

“Fear” Love warned.

“What?” Fear said glancing at Love, “She is so resilient, you know I love a challenge.”

Penny narrowed her eyes at fear, and suddenly she felt too close to Love, his arms all over her, she squirmed and he released her easily.

“So, what is she doing here Love?” Fear said still looking at Penny.


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