Short Stories: The Secret Life: Book of Love Part 5

“This can’t be happening, this isn’t real!”

He made to take a step towards her, but she backed up alarmed, his presence was messing with her mind, her emotions, everything! This wasn’t real, she was dreaming, love wasn’t real, at least not for her, and it certainly didn’t exist as a person.

“Listen to me Penny, Love is real, if it wasn’t I wouldn’t be here.” He paused and she watched him take a step closer. “I’m here to show you what your missing because I know what you’re going throu –”

“No you don’t!” She snapped, stopping his advance.

“But I do –” He began, in that annoyingly beautiful voice of his, that radiated patience and calm serenity she couldn’t imagine and that at this instant she not only resented but hated, it reminded her of all people she had had to deal with ever since she had lost her family, that voice that told her everything was going to be okay, that attitude that patronized, that tone that didn’t understand the extent of her loss.

She exploded; “Don’t tell me that!” She was advancing on him now, the extent of her anger making Love take a step back.

But Love recovered quickly and held his ground; “I do know, I that –”

“Have you ever loved someone?”

“I am Love,”

“So? Answer me! Have you ever loved someone?”

“Well I…” Love faltered as she advanced on him even further, she tip-toed so she could try and look into his eyes as she fumed.

“Then you do not understand! You will never understand what it means to lose your very self!” She was screaming now, her finger pointing accusingly at him, unchecked tears freely running down her face.

“Whoa! What’s going on here?” A soft voice said behind her.

Penny jumped and spun around. A tall dark man leaned casually against a tree, calmly polishing an apply on his robes, they were the same kind of ones Love was wearing, he was handsome in a strange way, but there was a strange look in his eyes that angered her for some reason, she was suddenly consumed with so much anger and she was about to turn back to Love, to continue yelling at him.

“Anger, not the time” Love said.

Penny looked between the two and tried to clear her head.

“Well excuse me, but I felt you in danger, so I came to assist,” the one called Anger glanced at Penny, she felt that unbelievable anger again, she glared at him.

“Anger, stop that,” Love snapped.

Anger laughed, “Well, I’m not the one that brought a human here” he said, showing the first signs of his namesake as he glared at Love.

“He didn’t bring me here” Penny said calmly, now that anger wasn’t effecting her, she wasn’t feeling quite so irrationally angry, she was mildly surprised at how strong her voice sounded, Anger wasn’t as serene looking as Love, he exuded a kind of mysterious power, that told her that even though he appeared calm, he only appeared that way.


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