Short Stories: The Secret Life: Book of Love Part 4

Penny stepped back, for some reason she almost believed him, the feelings she had felt from the waterfall seemed to confirm his story. She watched him step closer to her, he came forward each step slow and deliberate, his eyes cautious, she thought about running but she decided she didn’t want to. Staring deep into her eyes he placed both of his surprisingly cool hands on her warm cheeks. The moment he touched her, she cried out and almost fell back, but the visions that filled her mind held her, had held her to the spot.

She saw her mother singing as she braided Penny’s hair, her father secretly kissing her mother’s cheek when he thought she wasn’t looking, her father urging her on as she raced into the forest to find whatever treasures he had hidden there, he saw the three of them laughing and joking as they had a picnic in this very woods. She saw her mother’s funeral her father not bothering to hold back his anguish, her father embracing her fiercely each night assuring her that life would get better, her aunt stroking her the way her mother used to at her father’s funeral only a few months later.

The visions stopped, and she stumbled away from Love her heart racing as she tried to supress the feelings he had stirred so easily within her. She looked up at him; Love wiped a tear from his face it happened so quickly she wondered if her eyes had deceived her.

“You used to love so deeply so completely,” he said voice petal soft.

Penny turned away unable to stop the tears that sprang to her eyes, she thought those memories had been successfully repressed. She felt a warm hand on her shoulder and felt an overwhelming since of ease. Is he doing that to me?

“Stop it!” she snapped.

He stepped away his face apologetic, and removed any sense of ease she had begun to feel.


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