Short Stories: The Secret Life: Book of Love: Part 3

Focus Penny you might be dealing with some crazed killer albeit a very handsome killer, with amazingly long think eyelashes, powerfully toned arms, focus! Get him talking, make your escape!

He watched her, head slightly tilted, a small smile playing across his full lips, he sat cross legged with his hands in his lap, his posture patient.

“What is on your mind?” He said curiously.

Penny took a step back. She could and should probably run, he was sitting after all, she could make decent head way, maybe scream to attract attention, but she didn’t want to leave this handsome stranger and she certainly didn’t want to leave without having another drink from the mysterious waterfall.

“You didn’t answer my question.” she said cursing slightly for her uneven voice.

He smiled, revealing perfectly white straight teeth.

Could he be any more perfect? Focus! What did he just say?

He shook his head slightly, as if he knew exactly what she was thinking.

“But I did, you simply refuse to believe,” His deep voice was even and calm, she felt an unnatural urge to sit down beside him, she almost found herself nodding, then quickly shook her head.

“You are love?” She said. Her eyebrow rose along with her disbelief.

“That is indeed who I am,” he replied.

She titled her head to the side waiting for him to continue, he didn’t. H kept staring at her with those…she didn’t even know the colour of his eyes, he seemed to be glowing.

“I don’t understand,” she finally said.

“None shall ever understand they simply feel for a while” he smiled slightly.

Penny shook her head; he was so frustratingly strange, no not strange; mysterious.

“I am love, that which a mother may love a child, a friend may love another, a husband may love his wife, that is who I am, love in all its form. It’s manifestation.” With that he gained his feet in one fluid motion.


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