Short Stories: The Secret Life: Book of Love Part 2

Her mind wasn’t blank but cloudy, her emotions where in a riot and speech at the moment seemed to be about as attainable as flying. She simply starred her eyes slightly squinted against the bright light. He smiled slightly for a moment then looked down. ‘As if you don’t know how attractive you are’ her mind thought. He dimmed slightly and stepped closer, her muted instincts told her this person was safe to be around but logic from pranks in the orphanage screamed at her stupidity.

“I erm” was all she could really say. She could hardly deny that she was indeed about to drink the strange magic water, he must know its effects, that small smile on his lips told her so. Yet what was it? Was it chemicals or some kind of alien magic?

‘Seriously Penny! Would you listen to yourself! Magic?!‘ she shook her head but her feelings, now more manageable, where still in a disarray and they weren’t helped by this strange persons appearance.

“Verbalise your turmoil” his smooth voice whispered. Penny took a step back, everything felt so surreal, this meadow like place, the way the water was running almost slowly, and this strange person, gave everything a dream like gleam to it. Calm patience radiated from his gaze.

“I, is this your lake…waterfall thing” she managed to say. O well done, that didn’t sound idiotic at all.

He smiled slightly “This waterfall and everything connected to it, belongs to nature” he said; voice velvet smooth. Penny nodded something about his voice made her heart flutter uncontrollably. ‘What is he even doing here? Out in the woods? It’s creepy?’ Well she was here to but she got here by accident, he looked perfectly serene standing there, like he lounged here all day.

“Who are you?” She almost demanded. His smile broadened and she felt her face flush.


She waited for more but that was all he said.

“Love?” She said after a moment of confused silence.

He nodded and in one fluid movement sat down. Penny’s mouth opened slightly at his grace and liquid movements.

“Is that your name or are…that’s not an answer” she finally said her voice still uncertain. She was secretly glad he had sat down, standing there at she would guess six foot he was intimidating and powerful.

“It is the answer to your question” he replied calmly.

Penny raised an eyebrow. ‘Yep, he is definitely crazy, properly the only reason why someone as handsome as him is wondering around the woods, instead of O maybe standing in for Adonis or something


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