Short Stories: The Secret Life: Book of Love

The Secret life: Book of love

Penny ran. She had to run, what else could she do but run? She couldn’t have stayed even if…even if what? No, running was her only option. She was careful of her footing as she made her way through the thick forest – her father had once taught her exactly how to run in a forest, when they used to go on their adventures. But no, she mustn’t think about that. A brunch scratched her cheek and she paused to take a breath and assure herself that she wasn’t being followed. What was that she heard? The stream? But surely she couldn’t have been running for that long? She slowed and came to a clearing. A waterfall, a real life waterfall! Penny gazed at the cascading water with wide and wild eyes. She crept closer her feet making their own way.

She leaned in and drank. An explosion of flavour so rich and deep it startled her, but not nearly as much as the emotions that accompanied them: a deep sense of loyalty, commitment, gratitude, contentment and bliss. Bliss so deep and so extreme she thought for certain she might pass out from the sheer joy of it, where it not for the unfamiliar flutter in her chest. ‘What is this water’ she thought, ‘Should I be scared?‘ But that couldn’t be felt under all the emotions she was already feeling.

‘Perhaps it’s a dream, or a hallucination, I might have hit my head on the way up here and be unconscious right now, another drink just to confirm’ Penny began to lean in again when a voice as smooth as velvet itself spoke.

“I knew you would wish for another”

She looked around wildly the feelings from the water flared uncontrollably as she set eyes on who the voice belonged to. Dressed in a long bright robe, she couldn’t discern the colour; he seemed to be emitting off some kind of glow, not only from his clothes but from his very self. She stared at him mouth agape; he was far too beautiful for her eyes to fully appreciate. He was too much; he couldn’t and shouldn’t be stared at head on.


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