Next Stop Olympics

The Games Maker

The Games have finally arrived after months and months of preparation they are here! I am beyond excited, world meet London, London meet the world!!!

I’m volunteering at the Basketball Arena so obviously I’m even more excited! Celebrity citing’s anybody?

O yeah!!!

Michelle Obama, The entire USA Team and the French Team!!!

I’ve always loved Basketball but O my Gosh, we are

Amazing Cyclist from Trinidad and Tobago

talking of the Olympics and the stakes are sky high.

My first day they usher us around, everyone is nervous, excited and scared. What should we do?

O lets go into the stadium! I jump at the chance. I’ve already been to the stadium during training but nothing and I mean nothing can compare to when you’re cheering along with about ten thousand people and the seconds are counting down and they score. It’s beyond amazing!!!

Soaking in the atmosphere after a game.

The Athletes conferring.