Short Stories: Next Stop Olympics

The Athlete

“So how do you feel competing at your first Olympic games?” The reporter said.

She was pretty in an arrogant kind of way, but he didn’t like his women that way, and she was extremely patronising, all the questions she had been asking had been delivered in that tone.

“I feel like I’m ready, I mean everyone even the greats started from somewhere didn’t they?” He said trying to rein in his anger. He glanced at his Trainer who shook his head quickly, trying to hide a smile he looked back at the reporter whose smile didn’t even falter.

“That they did, but still you must feel some sort of apprehension especially with what happened at the test events,” She pressed.

Grinding his teeth so he wouldn’t say something that he would regret, live on air, he just smiled. But he could still feel his face heating up and his heart rate increasing. ‘Will I ever live that day down?

“We have already discussed what happened at the test events in length, frankly I think people are sick of hearing about it, right now all we want to talk about is the Olympics; the greatest show on earth am I right?” His manger said with that same patronising smile.

The reporter faltered for the first time.

So she is human,

“Your right, this is the greatest show on earth, Good Luck” She said then she gave the camera man a signal.


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