Poems: ‘I once felt’ and ‘Viva’

I once felt


The feelings I felt;

Excitement, anxiety, happiness

They slowly melt;

Fear, betrayal, anger

The place I once loved

I now have to shove

Into that locked box

Which waits like a fox

Ready to lock

Those feelings which mock

My desire to live, my need to love, my space to breath

I breath, and heath.


The lightness of the rhyme

Will show my betrayal

In time.

But alas, my heart still aches

And it keeps me awake

And on this note

I shall end on an oath

I will never forgive what I cannot forget.



Because death could not come to me

I quickly sought him out

The carriage held just ourselves

And my incessant plea.


We quickly drove, I was in haste

And he put away

His anxieties and his morals too

And he agreed kill me.

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