Plays: The Angel’s Choice: Revolutioshire

Revshire Skyline


Revolutioshire (pronounced rev-a-lutia-shire/ from the Latin word revolution, ‘a turnaround’) is a fictional city in the play ‘The Angels Choice’ and is the primary setting of the play. Within the play Revolutioshire or Revshire as the characters in the play sometimes refer to it – is portrayed as one of the largest cities in New England. The City is inspired by the Industrial era of England. The City is the home of Salathiel – the protagonist and the Angel referred to in the title; ‘The Angel’s choice’

Fictional History:

Revshire – Started off as a settlement of people but grew rapidly due to the influx of people flooding into the city to find work.  A new city, it expanded rapidly as numerous factories where built in the surrounding area – a train system ran from Revshire to Factory town.  These years in which Revshire grew in size is referred to as ‘The Auctus years’ growth in Latin. The Play is set hundred years after the auctus years – though the growth of the city has come to a standstill the city can’t seem to overcome the industrial like era it is in. This is linked to a curse that is thought to be placed upon the town known as ‘The Fallen’ according to the curse – An Angel fell in love with a human – but the human did not return his love – in the Angels rage he killed the women saying ‘if he couldn’t have her then no one can’. For a creature as pure as an Angel to spill blood – the consequences where disastrous – The Angels became known as ‘The Fallen’ without Angels human beings lost all hope in everything.


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