Plays: The Angel’s Choice: Act 2 Scene 2 con’t 4

Charles: Edmund you are needed inside at once your mother calls for you – it is urgent!

Edmund: Come now Charles – do you not see I am with a guest – a most famous guest – will you not me allow the honour of re-acquainting you with her?

Charles: I wish for no such honour – I already know of her – and you know my opinion of such a person being on the grounds – your mother and the rest of the guests are waiting.

Salathiel: (She rises) Do you have a problem with me Mr. Wentworth?

Edmund: Charles come now – that was not very gentlemanly of you – shake hands with her – I assure you – I have been speaking with her and I confirm that she is not some sought of – well I don’t know she is perfectly normal

Charles: I thought you agreed to stay away from her? Come away – before we are seen –

 Salathiel: (Shakes her head and retreatsI should have known you where just like the rest –

Edmund: No Salathiel – I was merely saying you are not weird or even wicked but are normal – I was complementing you

Salathiel: That is what you take for a compliment –

Charles: As far as I am considered it is more than you deserve – keep away from these lands lest you taint them with you unnaturalness (He steps towards Salathiel shoos her away)

Edmund: Charles stop! Salathiel please let me explain, I was merely –

Salathiel: I shall not stay where I am not wanted good day!  

She runs off the stage leaving the letter behind.

Edmund: That was unnecessary Charles! You have run her away! What in heavens has gotten into you?

Charles: I was merely doing what was right – you should not be seen talking with her – she will put all sorts of evil ideas in your head – she is an aberration

Edmund: You are being dishonest with me Charles! What is it? Does she really have something on you? Because I have never seen you act in such a harsh manner – there must be a reason for it! I know my mother is not really calling for me – why did you break us up? Answer me!

Charles: I cannot say! (He turns away to leave)

Edmund: (Edmund grabs his arm to stop him and looks at him in the eyes) you cannot or you will not? Tell me Charles? What is the matter? What are you keeping from me?

Charles: Ask your mother – she sent me out here – why I know not she simply whispered about Salathiel knowing too much – what of – she wouldn’t say.

Edmund: What could Salathiel know – and why is it important?

Charles: I know not – I have heard whispers and rumours – all to do with the factories. (Pause) But I am sorry for breaking up you discussion – but I was forced to obey, your mother was adamant – I have never seen her so fierce –

Edmund: What is going on – my mother is so altered since I am back – I don’t believe I know her –I shall see Salathiel again, my mother shan’t find out – and you will apologise to her! In the mean time I shall get to the bottom of this factory business, it seems to the key to all this unrest.

Charles: Edmund, I beg of you do not! I shall apologise but, your mother if she knows that you –

Edmund: Charles, be still I shall not betray you – we shall make quite investigations – only you and I shall know – from hence – when my mother tells you something – I also want to know – it seems that she is purposely keeping me out of the loop – but that stops today.

[Exit Stage]


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