Plays: The Angel’s Choice: Act 2 Scene 2 con’t 3

Salathiel: (She steps back blinking in puzzlement then realisation dawns on her face and she takes a step towards him reaching out her handI am no ghost Mr. Dashwood! It is I Salathiel – what an honour it is to meet you. Eleanor speaks so highly of you. Forgive me wondering about your grounds I was merely –

Edmund: Nonsense – you are no stranger here, call me Edmund please! These grounds are as much yours as they are mine – if anything they are more yours – you know them more than I do! It is you whom I am honoured to meet – you are something of a legend around here (he winks and she attempts to smile) Well I have been away for long.

Salathiel: Indeed your time away must have been quite something – I hear you travelled extensively – I envy you the places you must have travelled and the different people you spoke with –

Edmund: It is I who should envy you – I who call myself an explorer have not been to as many places as you – and you where only away for two years – you put my travels to shame. Eleanor tells me the locals where very taken in by you! You must tell me all and everything – the idea of new worlds and different cultures is somewhat a study of mine I find them excessively fascinating – they are so different from others

Salathiel: They are different – I don’t believe I have ever met a studier of worlds and cultures – this seems to be the day of discoveries. Pray what does this entail?

Edmund: O it entails all sorts – travelling around making notes on how they live – collecting samples – making notes on wildlife – I would not tell Charles this but I believe they are more learned about the world than us – I once met a man in Africa who could track a vulmar by merely looking at the leaves –

Salathiel: I daresay he has studied more than you – we can learn a great deal from such simply ways of living. People here are too concerned by money and power. I daresay that one day when our power to love overcomes our love of power the world will know peace.

Edmund:  I am in agreement with you – we must change our ways – we make life far too hard for ourselves

Salathiel: You believe we must change our ways?

Charles walks on stage quickly – he spots Salathiel and Edmund and immediately goes over to them – he appears nervous. 


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