Plays: The Angel’s Choice Act 2 Scene 1 con’t 2

(Damien gets up and speaks passionately – Salathiel looks at him with admiration)

Damien: Of course – of course – it’s the only way forward – mankind has to evolve – we have been in this rut for so long – because of this so-called curse – but I believe we have simply grown lazy – we need to wake up – change is coming Salathiel – you must have hope!

Salathiel: Indeed! Everyone must! I confess – I am much astounded by what you have said –

Damien: Of the Dashwood family?

Salathiel: Yes of that but of hope – I have never met anyone like you – whom thinks gladly of change – it is quite invigorating.

Damien: nor I you! – To meet someone who thinks as I do! Everyone is happy to stay in this squalor – but I am not – we need to take action and take it soon. We should join together Salathiel and the world shall change – they will have to – but first proof; meet me at Factory 12 two moons from now when the sun is low and I shall be sadly proven right.

Salathiel: I shall – and you will be proven wrong.

Damien: It was a pleasure to meet – I wish it was not about this sad business – but when fate is at work one cannot work against it – once I have proven to you – we shall begin a most amazing plan to liberate this world – you shall see – it will be most fantastic. I must go – factory work calls to me – I hope to see you in two moons from now.

(They stand up – he shakes her hand enthusiastically – he lays a quick hand on her cheek – she blushes and looks down – he smiles and exits the stage. She touches her cheek – there is a wondrous expression on her face)

Salathiel: What is this? Who is he? So – I cannot think of the word – he is strange – so different from the others – there is something – I cannot quite put my finger on it – who is he?! I must find out – It cannot be true what he has said – it simply cannot – he must be mistaken – my head is an disarray – I want to believe – this talk of change – I knew it was only a matter of time – (Laughs) Only a matter of time! (Starts to sing only a matter of time – light shines on her face – giving her a mystical appearance)

(Edmund comes on stage – he stops and watches her in awe – he slowly approaches her) 

Only a matter of time

Will see the world in bloom

I just don’t know whom

Shall set this peace

Only a matter of time

Even before I end this rhyme

Change will come 

Edmund: (claps) I have never heard such wondrous singing in all of Revolutioshire!

Salathiel: I – am – sorry – I should not be here – I was merely leaving a note for Eleanor –

Edmund: You know my sister? But then you must be…Salathiel? It cannot be – you are so much a woman since I last saw you – but of course – my word – my eyes must deceive me – Can it really be you? Do tell! You are not some ghost out to make mischief? (He comes closer to her raising his hands as if to touch her)


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