Plays: The Angel’s Choice: Act 2 Scene 1 con’t

Damien: I have heard whispers and rumours for some time – since my arrival from New England – my cousin Louisa – spoke of her friend who simply went missing – I decided to search around for this lost boy – for my heart was much grieved to hear of his disappearing. What I found has shocked and frightened me – it may do so to you

Salathiel: Pray go on – go on – I am a patient ear by your side.

Damien: This woman Victoria Dashwood of Avaritia – I scarcely wish to say it (pause) She is but a pretender – a woman who wants all and gives nothing – yes you may look at me with shock in your eyes – but I speak nothing but the truth – I have been told so by a trusted source – she only does such things to show off her wealth – what benefit to the poor have you seen her money do? I would not wish to speak so rashly of any acquaintance of yours but I have seen so myself –

Salathiel: You do speak too harshly! These are most definitely the work of much vicious rumours and lies! Though she is a woman of many vices, I shall grant you that – I have seen her generosity first hand – she went down to the orphanage –

Damien: Yes the orphanage – the orphanage! Where she plucked those whom parents did not see fit to raise and she brought them in – to work at her factories – to tend to her every whim and will – but in secret – so that no one could accuse her unjustly – she is false. She has fine words and an angelic appearance – is that what is to be associated with true virtue? Nay, I think not!

Salathiel: You are wrong, forgive me – you have been given the wrong information – I was at the orphanage that day. I saw her – in a light I never thought she possessed such gentility and grace when she spoke to those motherless children – she was more than myself that day – and if I had not respected her before – I loved her then. She may have her vices indeed she is too quick to anger – but generosity – that is her greatest trait – a trait which her children share in abundance.

Damien: Salathiel you are wrong in this instant – I may have been given the wrong information before – but I have seen it – I have seen her in a most unbecoming light – pray tell me – have you ever been to some of there new factories before?

Salathiel: I was at the unveiling –

Damien: – I speak of the new ones the ones Mr. Dashwood has just opened – not that one he unveiled and made a show of to the entire town – the others – where people keep getting hurt because he has hired too few people – you know of what I speak of

Salathiel: My mother did speak of him hiring too few people – but she has seen no children sent to her –

Damien: I see that they have a loyal and most just friend in you – whom anyone would be lucky to have – but I am quiet sure of what I speak of – how to right this wrong – ah – will you do me the honour of accompanying me to one of these factories? If I am wrong – I shall go straight to Mr. Dashwood and tell him myself of the vicious rumours I not only believed but help spread – as I have told you – I shall beg for his immediate forgiveness and if he does not – I shall through my self at his feet. Does that seem just to you?

Salathiel: You need not have to go through such extremes – when you are proven wrong – but for arguments sake – and to prove to you that such wickedness does not exist – I shall grant you the honour – when shall we prove you wrong?

Damien: You are too good – the whole world is good and agreeable in your eyes – but it is not and we should take pains to see that it is and not turn a blind eye or a deaf ear to such things.

Salathiel: Indeed – we should not – (pause) you believe the world can change?


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