Plays: The Angel’s Choice: Act 2 Scene 1

Act 2 Scene 1

(Damien is setting on a bench – he looks upwards with narrowed eyes murmuring under his breath – Salathiel enters the stage – she starts when she sees him sitting there – they stare at each other and she turns to leave.)

Damien: (Aside) by heavens she has come, Sweet nectar shall I pour into thine lovely ear, where’th she shall – be mine for the taking, I follow her only to serve my turn upon her – ‘Tis here, but yet confused: Knavery’s plain face is never seen till used.

Salathiel: Have you been permitted into this garden?

(He gets up and plucks a rose – she looks at him questioningly)

Damien: When I saw such a beauty I was tempted in, I am merely admiring – no harm shall come of it – I am apt to admiring beautiful things though I do not see them as oft as I would like to – I daresay it has given me a finer appreciation of such fine things.

Salathiel: A just deduction – but this is a private garden – and I don’t believe –

Damien: Ah you have caught me – I am a trespasser – but should nature merely be for a few only to enjoy – if this was mine I am sure – the whole world shall be invited – that should be the way of things.

Salathiel: Indeed it should – nature is no ones possession, but be that as it may – I suggest you leave – the owners are perhaps not as generous as you – they are

Damien: Selfish?

Salathiel: I would not go so far as to call them that – they seem to like what they like to themselves – I assure you not all who live on this property – would purposely keep such a treasure away from the world

Damien: Ah you are too good – they are selfish – call them what they are – it’s the only way they can change their behaviour – if they are constantly praised for such frivolity then why should they see different to act another way –

Salathiel: You judge them too harshly – the Lady of the house is always organising charity events.

Damien: (ASIDE: A strong heart shall weather all, yet a seed of doubt can break a stable foundation! A single sin is all it takes) I do not wish to speak so plainly with you – but there is something about you which compels me to go on – pray can I make you my confidant? I am Damien of Malum

Salathiel: Salathiel.

(They shake hands)

You can trust me! And I assure you – whatever you have heard or believe about this family may be corrected within a moment. Pray tell me.

Damien: I do not know – it so much – I begin to question it myself – perhaps I am wrong – yet if I do not get this burden off – I feel as though I may fall to pieces

(Salathiel takes a hesitant step forward – then boldly walks to the bench and taps the space beside her – her eyes never leave his face. He turns and smiles wickedly – then turns towards her and goes and sits down hesitantly)


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