Plays: The Angel’s Choice: Act 1 Scene 2 con’t 2

Raphael: What did I tell you? We need not worry about her – she is one of us remember, only better. Only goodness flows through her veins – she is the key – our redemption. Think the lessons we learn from our failures, are the lessons that help us succeed, and if we are wise and heed them, then failure is just what we need.

Isolde: True – I was quite unease after her trip – she was gone for so long – I confess I have missed her, I thank thee for thy precious word, where thou didst make me see, my sinful self, my helpless soul, made whole by trusting thee.

(She takes his hand and kisses it)

Yet somehow I feel…

Raphael: You feel it is unfair what we are doing? She is unknown of who she really is – we had our reasons remember – she is our last chance – but I admit it does pain me also to see her hurting so – it truly does – but think of how alone she would feel if she knew who she was, for we cannot tell her why she is here – so she would simple feel even more abandoned than she does now – it is the lesser of two evils. We must be the arm that never tiers, when human strength gives way; a love that never fails, when earthly love decays.  If we reveal too much too soon we run the risk of pushing her away. All will be revealed in good time.

Isolde: There is truth in those words – though she seems older than I remember – so strong and determined. She has such faith that will not shrink, though pressed by many a foe that will not tremble on the brink, of any earthly woe.

Raphael: There was something in her manner earlier that worried me – but she is not without hope. Hear her?

Isolde: Did you feel it to? I do not know what it was – but when she spoke to that little girl with such conviction – I felt for that moment that it had returned. There was no mistake when she was chosen. What joy ‘twill be to hear the Gods say, ‘Rejoice my angels, well done!’ You’ve fought the battles on earth, the victor’s crown you’ve won.

Raphael: We have made our peace. The Gods power cannot be confined, to what we think is possible; so when it comes to changing lives, imagine the impossible. Thus, do not worry for tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. Hope shall be restored – we will delay telling her the burden she already shoulders – for a few more seasons. Come let us tell the others of her return and the good news.


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