Plays: The Angel’s Choice

The Angel’s Choice

[The Fates come on stage; dark desolate foggy marsh, they are in long dark cloaks they huddle together]

Fate 1: Long ago the Gods formed a pact with the Angels – if they could maintain order and balance in the universe then they could live forever in paradise.

Fate 2: The Universe was in balance the world bloomed fresh as a new spring morning

Fate 3: We lived in harmony for Eons Until one day…

Fate 1: The Angels broke this pact, when one spilt human blood.

Fate 2: This rogue fell from grace but

Fate 3: The Damage had already been done

Fate 1: For a creature as pure as an Angel to spill blood – led to disastrous consequences no one could have ever foreseen.

Fate 2: The world crumpled. It succumbed to; death, destruction and poverty.

Fate 3: A world where hope was a dream and death a reality no one could escape. Machines replaced nature – hatred took loves place.

Fates together: Alas the God’s relented if the angels could prove themselves changed – hope would once more bloom.


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