Love letters: Kalle-Anne


Your letters are imprinted upon my very soul; every word, even the placement of your lovely commas have my intent attention.

I carry them with me, even now that I have memorised it.

I must apologise for the length within which my response may soon set your mind at ease. I was only given your letters this very morning, they thought it imprudent we communicate so soon; even thinking on it gives me great casue of vexation.

How do I survive without you? I don’t. There is no living without love. There is no sleeping, there is nothing. I am glad you are able to eat, I too find such tasks mundane and distracting, given a chance I would simply sit and contemplate you.

Time is my enemy; she teases me constantly.

Be well my angel, for anything else is intolerable.

Your heart,



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