Plays: The Inspectors Office: Part 5

The Waiting Room 1 at City of London Police Station, 182 Bishopsgate

INSPECTOR LEE:                 (Sternly and Angrily) All of you who come in here with a bogus story will be immediately arrested for stupidity! I want evidence, on the night, the night of August 27th at the corner of Saint Mary Axe, city of London, England, Europe the world! If you have nothing to say then I suggest, you leave now before I arrest all of you!!!

FX: Loud chatter immediately resumes after his speech, scurrying can be heard, as numerous witnesses make their way out of the waiting room. Various people shout out profanities at Lee:

CHARACTER X:                   He’s crazy! I’m not goin’ in there!

CHARACTER Y:                   Doing them a favor! This is the thanks I get!

CHARACTER Z:                    I wana be paid for coming down!

FX: Noise gets lower as all the witnesses leave the waiting room. In the distance the footsteps and chatter from the other policemen and women can be heard.


INSPECTOR LEE:                 (livid) What is it Jonny?! You are this close to being fired so I would watch –

JONNY:                                  (Hesitantly) Well Sir I erm, Just wanna say that I was there on the night of August 27th, see my girlfriend works at the bank near there and I was visiting and I saw –

INSPECTOR LEE:                 (livid- between clenched teeth) What! Why has it taken you so long to come forward?!

JONNY:                                  Well Sir, you was always telling me to keep me mouth shut sirs. I mean no offence. I need to keep this job so I did as you told me.


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