Plays: The Inspectors Office: Part 4

FX: Swinging of door open as a young girl enters. Her light footsteps can be heard as she makes her way to the chair. Door swings shut behind her.

YOUNG GIRL:                       Hello

INSPECTOR LEE:                 (screams) Jonny!!!

FX: Door swings open, soft padding of Jonny’s shoes as he makes his way over to the young girl.

YOUNG GIRL:                       (desperately) But I have something to say!

INSPECTOR LEE:                 (sarcastic) O really? (Sternly) Listen to me very carefully little girl, if you do not leave this room right away, and I mean fast, real fast. You’ll be sleeping in a cell tonight, alone. Now go on!

YOUNG GIRL:                       (Indignant) Hey! I’m not here for the prize money!

INSPECTOR LEE:                 (sarcastic) You sure? Then what you here for? Adventure? Sweets? Fame? A day off from school?

YOUNG GIRL:                       (Hesitantly) No! It’s just…

INSPECTOR LEE:                 (mimicking her girly high voice) It’s just what? (Angrily) I don’t have time for time wasters

YOUNG GIRL:                       (Indignant) But I have something to say!

INSPECTOR LEE:                 (condescending) O really? About what exactly? Your pets? Boy at school? Strict parents? School bullies?

YOUNG GIRL:                       (Upset – whispers) No! I said I have –

INSPECTOR LEE:                 O that’s right you have something to say! Go on spit it out! Get it off your chest! Blow off some steam! What cat got your tongue?!

YOUNG GIRL:                       (Angrily) No!

INSPECTOR LEE:                 (smug) That’s what I thought, now go on!

YOUNG GIRL:                       (Pause, then says firmly) No! I have something to say; about the 27th of August at nine fifty five, on the corner of Saint Mary Axe.

INSPECTOR LEE:                 (pause – clears throat, then says calmly) Please go on

YOUNG GIRL:                       (High Girlish voice- speaks very fast) Finally! Well on that day yeah. I was walking to school with a boy called Jamie Rivers, and he and I were going to be late, seeing as it was nearly 10. But yeah, anyway I was slow cause I had just eaten breakfast –

INSPECTOR LEE:                 (Takes a deep breath then screams) Jonny!!!!!!!!

FX: Jonny comes forward to take the girl away – rustling of clothes as he places his hands on her shoulders. She shrugs him off.

YOUNG GIRL:                       (Indignant) What hey! I haven’t finished my story I saw a car run over a cats tail! Hey get off!

FX: Lee leaves the little girl and Jonny in the Interrogation room and rises out of his chair, scraping of chair harshly against the floor. Lee goes into the waiting room which is just outside the door; heavy footsteps of Lee can be heard. He violently pushes the door open. Loud chatter can be heard – but is quickly hushed by his entrance


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