Plays: The Inspectors Office: Part 2

MARGARET:                         Well hello young man. Good to see this place is being kept clean, but still looks menacing huh? (High laughter)

INSPECTOR LEE:                 (exasperated) Mrs. Robinson, may I ask what it is you are doing here? (lower voice) again?

MARGARET:                         O I’m here about the prize money of course. It’s all over the news deary, and I just thought I could do with that. Well you see, my poor whiskers she needs some surgery and I can’t pay out of my pension –

INSPECTOR LEE:                 (sternly) Mrs. Robinson! This is a serious matter, we’re not a charity! If you have –

MARGARET:                         (Sobs quietly – sniffles panting, blows her nose loudly, drinks water loudly)

MARGARET:                         (Sniffles) O no, no! I heard the news, o no, you said if I saw, if I only saw, and I saw, I just saw

INSPECTOR LEE:                 (strained voice which then turns to anger) Mrs. Robinson! This is an investigation for pities sake!

MARGARET:                         (Hysterical crying) O no! Whiskers! Whiskers surgery!

INSPECTOR LEE:                 (strained calm tone) Mrs. Robinson? Mrs. Robinson?!

MARGARET:                         (Crying has stopped) Call me Margaret

INSPECTOR LEE:                 Okay, Margaret, did you see anything on the night of August 27th at nine fifty five on the –

MARGARET:                         (Excited) O yes! Yes I did! I saw something! I came in to say I saw something!

INSPECTOR LEE:                 And what is that Mrs – Margret?

MARGARET:                         (sniffling) Well my cat whisker of course. Her tail was trodden on at precisely 10:15 I am sure of it, I know that only a killer would do something like that! Only a killer! It had to be him!

INSPECTOR LEE:                 (rising anger) Mrs – Margret if you did not see anything at the corner of Saint Mary Axe, on the 27th of August at nine fifty five! Then I’m sorry, I cannot help you!

MARGARET:                         (Angrily) Well I never! I should file a complaint against you Leonard, after all my taxes have paid!  I have never been thus –

INSPECTOR LEE:                 Jonny!

FX: Door swings open as Jonny enters. He places a hand gently on Margaret pulling her up gently. Margaret rises swiftly and the chair is violently scrapped against the surface of the floor as she leaves. A stomping of her heels, Jonny puts a hand on her again to help but she struggles away from him, sounds of struggling can be heard as Margaret tries to free herself of Jonny.

MARGRET:                            (Angrily) Hey! Unhand me! Unhand me at once!

JONNY:                                  (Strained voice, softly spoken) Mrs Robinson please let’s just…

INSPECTOR LEE:                 (Sternly) Margret! Well you please co-operate –

MARGRET:                            (Hysterical indignation) Call me Mrs. Robinson! Hey! I said unhand me!

FX: Jonny lets go of her she storms out ahead of him – he follows her. Two sets of footsteps can be heard. The Door swings open and closed.

INSPECTOR LEE:                 (sighs then yawns loudly, mumbles) She gets crazier with every visit



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