Plays: Heart Problems: Scene 3

Scene 3: Rose and Tamin’s apartment: the dining room


                         FX: slight music playing in the background, Megan drinks some wine, clinking of glasses can be heard. Rose finishes up her medium-rare steak, soft sound of scraping of cutlery on a plate can be heard.

MEGAN:        Rose you have really out-done yourself I am stuffed, let’s just not think about how much I actually put away and how much weight I’m going to gain, then I’m good (laughs)

TAMIN:          You know Megan I did help

MEGAN:        uh huh really what did you do? Boil the water?

ROSE:             (Laughs) No he didn’t boil the water, he actually did help

TAMIN:          See, thanks baby

MEGAN:        I get it; he stood in the kitchen, looking cute?

ROSE:             Yeah exactly, it’s actually really hard to do

TAMIN:          Very funny girls, where did John go anyway?

MEGAN:        (Sighs) He had a business call to take, he has quite a lot of those, I don’t really know if I want to keep this one, I mean –

ROSE:             Meg don’t drive another one away, you go through guys really quickly, it’s not like –

MEGAN:        Well why should I settle? I have my whole life ahead of me, I’m only young, and anyway I didn’t say I was going to break up with him just that –

ROSE:             But how do you know?

MEGAN:        (Confused) How do I know what?

ROSE:             (Sad, soft tone) That you have forever? I mean no one really knows how long they have. Do they? We could all die? Just die? We could all be dying right now and not even realise it.


TAMIN:          erm Rose?

ROSE:             (Coughs loudly, breaths deeply then laughs) Melodramatic I know! I’ve just been watching so many disaster films lately, you know me

(Silence stretches)

MEGAN:        (Concerned) Rose are you okay?

FX: Knock at door can be heard. Door swings open Michael enters.  Michaels footsteps can be heard on the carpeted surface, Door swings shut.

MICHAEL:     (apologetic) Sorry to intrude

                            FX: Michael shuffles around uncomfortably – shuffling of his feet can be heard on the carpeted floor. Soft music is still playing

TAMIN:          (Irritated) What’d you doing here Michael?!

MICHAEL:     (quietly) Well I, erm I just wanted to see how Rose was –

TAMIN:          (Cuttingly) Rose is fine. I am here; do you make house calls to all your patients?

ROSE:             (Firmly) All right let’s stop this, too much testosterone in this room. Tam it’s okay. Thanks for stopping by Michael honestly, but I’m fine, really –

                            FX: Rose gets up, scrapping of her chair can be heard. She steps in between them.

MICHAEL:     Rose I just want to –

TAMIN:          (Between clenched teeth) She said she is fine! Nothing else to talk about, I’ll call you a cab

MICHAEL:     (Heatedly) Unlike you, I can afford to own my own car Tamin, and really this behaviour is hardly appropriate, Rose is –

TAMIN:          (Incredulous) My behaviour is inappropriate, looks who’s talking! Why are you stopping by her place at night?!

MICHAEL:     (Coldly) I thought she was alone. I didn’t –

ROSE:             (Loudly) Okay seriously stop! Stop this!

TAMIN:          (Angry) More like you didn’t realise I’d moved in! You’re trying to slink your way back into her life!

MICHAEL:     (Indignant) No I was –

TAMIN:          (Angry) You was what?! I want you out! Get out!

ROSE:             (Yells) STOP! Just stop it! Michael I’ll call you tomorrow! Tamin a word! Now!

MICHAEL:     Rose I could stay just to –

FX: Michael leaves the dining room; the door swings open, then closed

TAMIN:          She said you should leave

ROSE:             Tamin!

MEGAN:        (Hesitantly, awkwardly) Rose, erm do you know what, I’m gonna go, but I’ll call you tomorrow okay?

                         FX: Megan gets up and leaves, scrapping of her chair can be heard, door swings open then closed.

ROSE:             (Softly) Wait Megan. (Angrily) O Great, thanks Tamin, thanks a lot Are you Happy now?! What the hell where you –

TAMIN:          Rose listen–

ROSE:             (Outraged) No let me finish damn it! I can’t believe you just did that! Embarrassed me like that. He was just checking up on me, showing he cares, at least someone does! I really can’t believe you Tamin –

TAMIN:          Rose – I just

ROSE:             (Angry and tearful) There’s not even an explanation in the world that could possibly do right now. You have totally ruined my dinner; driven my doctor out of here, made a scene in front of my friends, and you know how I hate it when people make scenes. You where totally out of order Tamin. I don’t need this kind of stress right now I really don’t!

TAMIN:          (Indignant) Rose I just, he’s still in love with you. I don’t know how you can’t see that! He’s trying to drive a wedge between us –

ROSE:             No Tam, you are doing that all by yourself.

                         FX: Rose walks out – she slams the door



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