Plays: Heart Problems: Scene 2


Scene 2: Rose and Tamin’s apartment: the kitchen


TAMIN:          So what’s the prognosis?

FX: Rose can be heard cutting ingredients on a chopping board, sound of water running then Rose turns the tap off.

ROSE:             (Sighs) I just want to concentrate on making this dinner, we can talk about that later.

TAMIN:          How was Michael when you saw him?

ROSE:             Normal

TAMIN:          What does that mean?

ROSE:             (Exasperated) Don’t even start that with me Tamin. I’m really not in the mood; I just want this to be a nice evening.

TAMIN:          I really can’t understand why you still go to him. You work with so many other doctors, much better than him I am sure, yet you…

ROSE:             (Sighs) He is one of the best

TAMIN:          (Insistent) Yeah but there are others, why do you always have to run to him with every problem

FX: Rose stops chopping up the ingredients and turns to stare at Tamin

ROSE:             (Defensive) I don’t run to him with every problem! He is a doctor; I am his patient, that’s all

TAMIN:          (Emphatic) Yeah then you ended up sleeping with him, not really my definition of patient doctor relationship

ROSE:             (Angry) That was a long time ago!

TAMIN:          Why are you so defensive?

ROSE:             (sighs) Tamin I am too tired for this. I have to cook this meal, and if you aren’t going to be helping then you can just leave

FX: Rose continues cooking chopping up ingredients

TAMIN:          You want me to leave? You haven’t invited Michael over here have you? (Uncertain) Have you?

FX: Rose stops chopping up the ingredients


TAMIN:          (Concerned) Rose? Rose are you all right? I’m sorry. I didn’t mean that.

ROSE:             (Breathless) Just give me a minute, dizzy spell (breaths heavily)

TAMIN:          (frantic) Rosy? What’s wrong? You look pale, what did they say at the hospital? Is everything okay?

ROSE:             (tearfully) As if you care

TAMIN:          (Confused) What?

ROSE:             (angrily) You heard me! As if you care! The minute I get in all you want to hear about is Michael this and Michael that! You know what, why don’t we save time and you and Michael can get together, and leave me the hell alone.

TAMIN:          Rose I’m really sorry, I didn’t mean

ROSE:             (Exasperated) O you never mean to do anything and yet here we are having the same argument over and over again. I’m with you, not him, can’t that be enough

TAMIN:          It is. It is enough for me Rose, I just…

ROSE:             (Starts off calmly then gets louder.) You just what? You don’t trust me? Have I ever, ever done anything to make you doubt me? No I haven’t! I’ve been faithful to you and only you! Yet still every time I see him, you start with the 21 questions and you know what I’m done! I’m just done with this!

TAMIN:          (Softly) Rose – I’m really

ROSE:             Yeah I know, you’re sorry, you’re always sorry. But you know I’m tired of arguing, just tired Tam

TAMIN:          (softly) I am always sorry, I just its being with you Rose. I don’t know how I got so lucky. I am just waiting for you to see this and run off with some one way better, than a struggling director, your perfect rose, how can I compare

ROSE:             (Jokingly) Yeah I am pretty perfect

TAMIN:          (Laughs) And modest too

ROSE:             (laughs) Tamin, you are the best thing in my life, since ever, I’m not going anywhere (pause) well…


TAMIN:          Rose?

ROSE:             (Overly cheerful) I really can’t wait till you taste this meal; you’re going to love it!

TAMIN:          (Confused) Okay

ROSE:             Better start on this chicken hey; you know how fussy Megan gets when her food is late

FX: Rose begins to frantically chop the vegetables, she opens the cabinet and pulls out some spices, noise of blender can be heard as she blends the ingredients together.

TAMIN:          (Clears throat, hesitant gentle voice) So Rose, are you going to tell me what happened at the hospital, I mean you look sick, I’m worried about you.

ROSE:             (Sighs) O Tam, I will tell you…

TAMIN:          When?

ROSE:             When I tell you.

FX: Tamin sighs, sounds of Rose cutting increasing.



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