Plays: Heart Problems: Scene 1

Hello all,
I did say I was going to be writing and I have a play, its not finished but then that means you’ll come back for more haha.
This is the fist Scene, I shall post a scene every day.

Heart Problems

Rose: Woman in late twenties
Michael: Doctor, Rose’s ex-fiancé
Tamin: Struggling Director, Roses boyfriend

Scene 1: Doctor Michael’s office, St.Mary’s hospital Paddington

MICHAEL: Come in Rose.

FX: Muffled sound of shoes on a carpeted surface as Rose makes her way to the chair opposite Michael. Door closes behind her.

ROSE: Wow your using that tone with me Michael I know something has to be up; (mimics his indifferent voice) ‘come in rose’. Very solemn, detached, I kinda like it. You used to be so emotional, nearly crying in front of your patients sometimes, very unprofessional

FX: Rustling of clothes as Rose sits down opposite Michael who is already seated. Rose can be heard sitting down

MICHAEL: (sighs) Rose can you be serious for a moment please. I’m trying –

ROSE: (laughs) O come on! You have to humour me. My taxes are paying for that very expensive new Audi I saw out in the parking lot, by the way very nice.

MICHAEL: (loudly) Rose!

ROSE: (Insistent) O come on

MICHAEL: (coughs – sighs) Okay fine; it’s cool, sleek, turbo engines, custom paint job and before you berate me, its energy efficient.

ROSE: (overly friendly tone) Nice, nice – well done Michael you really deserve it.

FX: Michael can be heard shuffling the papers on his desk around

MICHAEL: (clears throat, sternly) Now Rose – serious moment please.

ROSE: (slight laugh, playful tone) O come on it can’t be that bad; oops I just said the five most immortally damning words a patient is never supposed to say! Well what’s the verdict? Give it to me straight and simple.

MICHAEL: (frustrated) Rose I said a serious moment.

ROSE: Hey what did I tell you about adapting to the patients mood – go with the flow. If you don’t want to be Doctor Stern anymore be doctor fun. Come on let’s hear it.

MICHAEL: Okay Rosy but really there’s no easy way to say this. I don’t want to be chipper –

ROSE: Now, now what did I just say! Easy breezy baby, yeah easy breezy

MICHAEL: (desperately) Rosaline Dakota Kooper you are dying!


ROSE: (Playfully) Jezz Michael, you don’t have to sound so happy about it.

MICHAEL: (sadly) Rose I’m so –

ROSE: (calmly) O calm down I’m only joking. Come on look at this face, do I look upset to you?


MICHAEL: Rose I have to

ROSE: (Softly) Mikey what did I say, easy, calm. (Pause) Do you really think I didn’t know?

MICHAEL: (desperately and confused) You knew but…?

ROSE: (playful) I out-rank you remember; child genius, PHD at 25, top-that

MICHAEL: (confused/sad tone) Rosy…

ROSE: I bet you’re glad you broke up with me right. I mean wow, no one wants to be going out with the charity case; depressing or what: ‘o my girlfriends dying’ Then again you never did like commitments, this could work for us.

MICHAEL: (Slams hand on table. Angrily – tearfully) damn it Rose will you stop! Just stop. Stop your happy attitude for a moment, this is a serious situation and I would like –

ROSE: (serious, angry tone) O cut the bull – you want serious I’ll give you serious. I’m dying, I knew, I’m a fucking Cardiologist, don’t you think I recognised the symptoms? Why’d you think I asked for all those specific tests Michael hmmm? Research? Why should I take it seriously? (Pause, softly) Would it make you feel better if I told you how scared I feel? That it keeps me up at night? Would it Michael?

FX: Rose gets up, rustling of her clothes can be heard, she scrapes the chair back, noise of chair scrapping carpeted floor can be heard, muffled sound of Rose’s feet on the floor. Rose slams the door shut.


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