Poems by Me

Unlike Me


Sometimes when I am sitting down

I can pretend that I am, one

Of them, and laugh as they do

I can cry at little things

But that’s usually when I feel it

The difference, the pain telling me:


Stop! And wait! I can’t be me

I have to be the one who is down

Not only in body, but in mind, it

Is the worst feeling ever, and no one

Should ever have to feel the things

I feel, and walk they way I do


But I pretend, unlike they do

I have to try not to be me

But to be someone else, and the thing

Is they envy me. It gets me down

Let’s switch places so I can be; one

Of those people who gets it


All of the time – who knows it

Who gets to just be. Just do

All of the sports who is number one

In everything. If I could only be me

The real me inside! Feel down

Over a boy – or other trivial things


You know the little things

Normal people fuss over. It

Would feel so good to just sit down

In any corner of the world. I’d do

Anything to travel around. Not be me

So I could be the normal one.


The one who belongs the one,

Just one of the girls, who do things

Like: shop, think about myself me.

Go to a club, dance, sing. It

would be liberating. To just do

without a thought. Never feel down


But reality gets me, and I feel it

I am not one, I can’t do those things

I can do nothing, and it gets me down


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