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These are some poems that I wrote for my course in Uni, the first poem ‘Our Lord Almighty’ was about my faith; I question my faith sometimes because of the amount of pain I go through because of my disease. In my Romantic Writing Lesson, we were discussing how poets questioned God and their religion; but they were afraid to speak out because of what God would do to them, and I just thought; ‘God must be vengeful’ So I just wrote it.

God is portrayed as someone who can strike us down at any minute for any wrongdoing. ‘Careful not to speak out’ In that line I was referring to how in John Donne’s era one had to change religions in order for your poems to be read, as Catholics were prosecuted for speaking out for their faith. Donne was forced to change to the Anglican faith. I wanted to portray how Religion portrays God to us; as this vengeful tyrant who we must be afraid of. I thought the line ‘From what they say’ was very important because I don’t believe God is that way, we are just taught that, so we can be controlled. I chose the villanelle form as it is ‘playful’. The subject is rather heavy, but the form adds a light hearted sense of acceptance, and of hope for the future.

Our Lord Almighty

From what they say: God must be vengeful

Anything we do and we are punished

Whatever happened to forgive and forget?


We must be mindful

Not to anger God, or else we’ll be tarnished

Because they say: God is vengeful


Plagues, diseases, murder – so very spiteful

Careful not to speak out! Else we’ll be banished

Whatever happened to forgive and forget?


Nothing is exempt, God is watchful

So don’t sin, else you’ll have perished

From what they say; God must be vengeful


But why Lord? Are we so wrongful?

Teach, us with love, tell us; ‘we’re cherished’

Tell us to; forgive and forget


Do not be so wrathful

Instead teach us, we must be lavished

So we’ll stop believing: God must be vengeful

God teaches us to forgive and forget.


Tea is a very strange poem, but I like it, I wrote when I gave up tea for lent. Tea for me is tied to some powerful feelings and memories. I feel completely content when I drink Tea, its warm, its sugary, its everything I love about anything. In order to vary the vocabulary I used different references to heat; ‘balmy, sizzling, scorching’ The illness I have is all about being warm to be well, so Tea is very important to me; not just as something to drink, but as something to make me feel better.  To suit the obsessive nature of ‘Tea’ I employed ‘run-ons enjambment, which allows a sense of continual flow’




Tea I miss you

I wish I could drink;

Just swallow up, your warm liquid

And experience those content feelings

Brought on by your sugary surprise

‘A cup a day’ I always say


Why o why did I say;

I will give you,

Up for Lent? It should be no surprise

I love you best; I could drink and drink and drink

And still want more! Blissful feelings

Brought on by your balmy liquid


Black or Brown liquid

Anyway, I’d drink you. I always say

Peaceful feelings

Brought on by you

I wish I could drink

I’d say mmm that’s better – a delicious surprise


They were all so surprised

That I gave you up your sizzling liquid

Don’t be mad, my favourite drink

‘40 days will fly by’ they say

But, I already miss you

And those loving feelings


Week 1; I yearn for those cheerful feelings

Week 2: I try and re-create your perfect-on- a-cold-night surprise

Week 3: I think I’m cracking, I miss you!

Week 4: I dream of your scorching liquid

Week 5: ‘I’m almost there’ I say

All day, else I’ll crack and drink


I try other brews, but nothing compares to my beloved drink

Two more days only, and I shall experience joyful feelings

‘I bet it’s been hard’ they say

It’s worth the wait for your delectable surprise

It waits for me, your intoxicating liquid

Soon, I will be with you


The Finish line. They say; ‘what a surprise’

I made it without one drink, and those heavenly feelings

But now I can finally feel your heated liquid warm me; Just for me from you.


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