Poems by me

I have written some poems for my University course, I thought you might like to take a look at some of these:

The first poem, I wanted it to seem like a fairytale. I wanted to write in a style similar to the way poets from the Romantic period used to describe love, though it’s now thought of as clichéd. I chose to write it in the sonnet form, because that is the form Love poems in the older era, were usually written in, and I wanted to be true to them.

The Spell
I’ll cast a spell on you
Between us two
You make my breath catch
Its true we match
It must be fate
When we kissed on our very first date
I knew you where the one
So I’ll tell you what I’ve done
I cast a spell on you

The second poem, the star is actually supposed to e shaped like a star but I couldn’t get it on here, so please use your imagination, this is poem just came into my mind when I thought of, you guessed it, a star.

The Star

Shooting through the world
a light
lighting up the sky at might
Graceful sparks
fly around
A wish
we feel where bound
make as it escapes away


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